Expert Bamboo Services and Handcrafted Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo is a great fencing material because it grows quickly, and it is a renewable resource that is extremely hardy with excellent structural integrity. Inspired by traditional Asian designed bamboo fences from over 500 years ago, our bamboo fences add beauty and serenity to any landscape. We then add our own modern day design elements, creating beautiful fencing to withstand the test of time. Get a free quote to start your custom bamboo project with American Bamboo Co.

Bamboo Removal

Bamboo is a great plant, but its strength as a construction material and rapid growth make it very problematic for most yards and gardens. Bamboo rhizomes can spread quickly into neighboring properties from irrigated lawns and low-lying areas that collect water. We provide our customers in the greater Seattle area superior service including bamboo removal, containment, and maintenance.