Bamboo makes a great fencing material because it is a fast-growing, renewable resource that is extremely hardy and structurally strong. We follow in the footsteps of traditional Asian designed fences from over 500 years ago. Then we add our own modern-day elements to create a product that will withstand the test of time.

Originally a bright manila, the color of our fences softens naturally over time into a light gray. This natural aging acknowledges the passage of time, an important facet in many traditional gardens. As bamboo can split in random spots, we pre-split our poles, keeping our panels looking gorgeous for years to come. We utilize tan-colored screws, brass wire, and durable plastic ties to bring these ancient designs into the modern moment. All of our fencing is made in America.

Fencing Specs

Height and Running Length: Standard height is 4 or 6 feet depending on the style of fencing. Anything over 6 feet may require a variance or agreement from neighboring properties.

Footers: For some fences, metal is inconspicuously installed within the bamboo poles for structure. Otherwise, traditional lumber posts are used.

Black Ties: Ties are available either in traditional (black hemp palm rope) or modern (black woven polypropylene plastic).

Polyurethane: We suggest our time-tested protective layer of polyurethane be added before the fencing leaves our workshop.