American Bamboo Company was founded in 2010 in Seattle, Washington. We are the premier bamboo fence builder in the United States. We proudly handcraft our products with American workers, allowing us to handle your custom specifications to perfection.

To meet our goal of keeping the carbon footprint of our product small we complete our projects with locally sourced bamboo plants grown on American soil whenever possible. We strive to educate the public about the benefits of working with the bamboo plant and growing bamboo plants.

Mark Meenan, Owner

Mark currently holds the position of Vice President for Washington State in the American Bamboo Society. Mark discovered the vibrant bamboo community in 2004 when he was hired to produce a website for David Flanagan. Mr. Flanagan is a well-respected bamboo expert, former president of the American Bamboo Society, and a retired Captain with the United States Coast Guard. Mark’s background in carpentry was soon put to work producing fences and shipping them throughout the country. In just four years the company grew to a large warehouse and workshop for fencing production with Mark at the helm as production and sales manager. Clients ranged from private vacation homes to a rooftop garden in New York; from clothing retailers to the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Paul Lyons, Workshop Manager

Paul has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University. Paul has studied abroad at the Facchoshule Konstanz in Germany and traveled to Stuttgart, Germany for work, and also traveled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. He has managed workshops in automotive and outdoor recreation industries. In his spare time, he enjoys breaking and fixing things.


Jacqueline Anderson, Office Manager

Jacqueline comes to American Bamboo Company with a background in administration and client care; she previously worked in the veterinary industry for many years. Jacqueline is very involved with her two young children and provides babywearing education through a local non-profit, Seattle Babywearers. When not working or volunteering, she enjoys the outdoors as well as various fiber arts. Jacqueline looks forward to traveling internationally for work in the future to learn more about bamboo.



Kevin Courtney, Design Manager

Kevin is a multidisciplinary creative from Seattle, holding degrees in Industrial and Sustainable Design. While traveling around the world in 2017-2018, he ended up in Bali where he completed the BambooU architecture course at the Green School. He enjoys getting lost in the design process, foreign cities, and the outdoors, and believes that a little design can make life a lot better.





World Traveling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACurious to learn more about bamboo construction, Mark traveled abroad in search of larger bamboo. As U.S. building codes don’t allow for bamboo buildings, and large diameter bamboo has trouble with the freezing temperatures throughout much of North America, you must travel to other countries to find larger bamboo buildings.

In 2006, Mark and David traveled to the Yucatan to learn about ‘Iron Bamboo,’ a variety that grows almost completely solid, unlike most bamboos which grow with a hollow center.

In 2009, Mark left his home of Boston and began traveling. He went to his first World Bamboo Organization meeting in Thailand, followed by a work trip to Cambodia. He took a bus and boat to visit the small town of Chi Phat. There, he helped to break ground on the beginning stages of building an eco-based community center for the village. Illegal logging is a huge problem in Chi Phat so the goal of the project was to teach the local villagers how to build using bamboo, a renewable resource, instead of wood.


Bamboo in Bali

Green SchoolAs an expert bamboo carpenter Mark is fascinated with using the bamboo plant on a larger scale. Bali is known for having a very large diameter bamboo called Guadua. Continuing his journey, Mark visited The Green School. This was a dream come true! The school has tables, chairs, bookshelves, floors, walls, classrooms, gymnasiums, and even bridges made entirely with bamboo. This in-person proof solidified Mark’s belief that bamboo is a sustainable solution able to provide the basic human necessity of shelter.




Returning to America

Mark returned to the United States in 2010 settling in the Seattle, Washington area. Six years later his passion for all forms of bamboo carpentry continues. He is very active as a fence producer, local contractor, and advocate for the benefits of bamboo. In his free time, he enjoys hiking trails in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, sailing the San Juan Islands, and spending time with his daughter.